Introducing the Linux Shell

Introducing the Linux Shell

by Elena Mofar, Published on May 23, 2023

We will be mostly using the Command Line Interface (CLI) in almost all of our Linux tasks in this course.

The Linux CLI is also called as shell.

The Linux Shell is basically the user interface that is used to interpret all the commands that we execute.

To access the shell, click Activities>Terminal

The default Linux shell is called bash (Bourne Again Shell)

bash shell

These are the other shells that we can alternately use:


  • Bourne Again Shell
  • The default Linux shell


  • Korn Shell
  • This is a combined version of other Unix shells – it incorporates all the features of the C shell (csh), Tab C Shell (tcsh), and of bash (Bourne Again Shell)


  • Tab C shell
  • This is an enhanced version of the C shell.


  • Z shell
  • This is an extended version of the Bourne Again Shell (bash), it has additional features and support for different plugins and themes.

The default shell of a user is configured in its user account that can be found in /etc/passwd:

For example, if we want to change the default shell from bash to ksh, just change it from /bin/bash

to /bin/ksh.

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